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Local IQ Interview

Syffal Album Review – “Eight songs of glorious romantic ramblings that bottle up your pain and sell it back to you as spring water. shit is pure and clear and always leaves you refreshed.”

Syffal Interview Album Review – “It’s clear that Crandall has not been sitting around idly, licking his wounds. He’s made a fantastic little statement here — no major-label record deal needed. (The album will be self-released). Independence has never sounded so sweet.”

The Metropolitan Album Review – “The independence and soul behind the album is inspiring and makes the statement that Sad Baby Wolf being a force to reckon with among the independent genre..

Spin Magazine Electric Sounds Release

Spin Magazine Electric Sounds Preview

Interview with Marty – The Oregonian

Pretty Much Amazing


We All Want Someone to Shout For

The Mad Mackerel

Show review – The Owl Mag

Show review – I Heart SF Bands

Show review – SF Weekly

Dirt City Chronicles

Who’s Jack –  “……that, if accompanied by a plethora of intoxicants, would enduce pure fucking bliss when stirred together in the right quantities.”

TYMPANOGRAM –  “…… hаѕ left mе absolutely drooling over whаt mіght come frοm thіѕ ambitious project.”

The Portland Mercury –  “……a nuggety, tumbling pop-rock number with fine guitar work and production that gets more ethereal as the song goes on.”

Heroes of Indie Music –  “……with a unique flavour and addicting sonic propulsion.”

Noise Collective

Music Savage –  “Two tracks that shimmer in a semi-dreamlike (reverb drizzled) state….They display quite a bit of range and leave your appetite whet with desire.”


Some Kind Of Awesome –  “Marty does an excellent job picking up lead vocals for the band and the overall sound is twangy and warm. I’m really looking forward to hear what else they have in store.”

Impose Magazine –  “…..that eclipses even their ‘big indie league’ early stuff. The single “8th Level” and accompanying track “Survival Guide” are some blissful indicators for what their debut LP might bring sometime in early spring 2012.”

Music Emissions –  “…Survival Guide that has “hit” written all over it. It meanders long enough to flesh itself out, and ends on a bombastic and overblown note that has left me absolutely drooling over what might come from this ambitious project.”

The Mad Mackerel –  “Both are more than deserving of some ear-time, and the latter especially has a rapidly rising play-count in our iTunes library.”

Atlas and the Anchor –  “…features his trademark keyboards and vocals and retains some his former band’s quirky and gazing melodies yet feels new all the while.”

Cuchara Sonica



Chart Attack

Kicking the Habit

2K Music

Anti Music

Illiot Gould

Surviving The Golden Age

Relix Magazine

The Muse in Music –  “…”Survival Guide” taps into a more psychedelic drone of controlled chaos.” –  “former keyboardist Marty Crandall clearly hasn’t been wasting his time since exiting the Shins, since he has started a new band called Sad Baby Wolf…”

Under The Radar more –  “The Albuquerque-based band …have an easy-going, guitar-driven rock vibe.”

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