The Muse In Music

It seems as though most of the indie world was up in arms when during the summer of ’09 it was reported that James Mercer “let go” keyboardist Marty Crandall and drummer Jesse Sandoval. We were all left holding our hats wondering where Mercer gets off firing band mates. Ok, maybe not everyone, but I sure was.

We know that Jesse Sandoval sought out his roots and opened a taco cart in Seattle but Marty Crandall seemed to be keeping his plans, or lack there of, close to his chest. Crandall found himself at a crossroad wondering whether to continue in the music business or to seek his fortune else where. Well today we get that answer. Along with former Shins guitarist Neal Langford, brother Maury Crandall on drums, guitarist/vocalist Jason Ward and Sean McCullough on bass Sad Baby Wolf is up and running with two 7″ singles. You can grab the two tracks below and decide for yourself whether they’ve taken a different road from what their past would have dictated.

“8th Level” is a pretty straight forward indie rock track with an ethereal feel closing it out while “Survival Guide” taps into a more psychedelic drone of controlled chaos. I couldn’t really hear either of these tracks on a Shins album but considering the reception that Wincing The Night Away got that’s probably a good thing.

Sad Baby Wolf – “8th Level”
Sad Baby Wolf – “Survival Guide”

A full length is tentatively schedule for release early next year with both of these tracks making an appearance on it.